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  • June 1st National Olive Day

    Happy National Olive Day! Celebrated on June 1st, this day honors one of the world's oldest and most beloved fruits. Olives are a staple in traditional meze and tapas, bringing families and friends together around the table. They symbolize peace, hope, love, and friendship, making today the perfect occasion to celebrate their rich heritage.

    We're extending an olive branch to invite you to join our celebration and recognize the joy this little fruit brings to our lives. Cheers to the olive!

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  • Spice It Up

    Happy National Herbs and Spices Day! Celebrated every year on June 10, this day honors the diverse and powerful flavoring agents that elevate our culinary creations. Imagine food without the unique touch of herbs and spices – unthinkable, right?

    These cooking essentials deserve recognition for their immense contribution to our culinary journeys. Plus, many herbs can be grown fresh in your own garden or kitchen, adding a personal touch to your dishes.

    Spice It Up 
  • National Candy Month

    Kick off summer with sweet celebrations for National Candy Month this June! Across the country, Americans are enhancing their special moments with chocolate and candy, making holidays, vacations, and weekend trips even sweeter.

    Did you know? Americans enjoy chocolate and candy 2-3 times per week, with an average of just 40 calories and about one teaspoon of added sugar per day.

    Let's make this summer the sweetest one yet!


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