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  • April is National BLT Month

    This delightful sandwich likely originates from the teatime traditions cherished by our friends in England during the Victorian Era. While the individual ingredients have stood the test of time, their combination is a more recent innovation, with the earliest recorded mention dating back to 1903. This reference was in the context of a club sandwich featuring the classic ingredients and a slice of turkey. Delicious!

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  • April is also National Grilled Cheese Month!

    We couldn't resist bringing these two game-changers together. With James Kraft's revolutionary invention of transportable cheese and Otto Rohwedder's automatic bread slicer, the grilled cheese sandwich came into existence. Although evidence suggests similar sandwiches have been enjoyed since Roman times, it was during World War II that the introduction of Kraft's individually wrapped sliced cheese, known as Kraft Singles, along with the initial inventions, truly propelled the popularity of this beloved comfort food to new heights.

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  • National Picnic Day is April 23rd!

    Our store has a special affection for picnics, as they evoke a sense of nostalgia no matter where you're from. Elevate your picnic outings with our curated selection of options to enhance your outdoor dining experience. Let this year mark the beginning of a cherished family tradition with our assistance. And with National Picnic Day coming up on April 23, why not swing by and stock up on supplies? Or bring in your own basket, and we'll craft the ultimate picnic experience just for you!

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