Caccio E Pepe

Caccio E Pepe



  1. In a large pot bring 4 quarts of water to a roaring boil and season water with Pasta Rock™ following package directions. Cook pasta according to package directions.

  2. Meanwhile in a large fry pan set to medium heat, melt butter and add olive oil and pepper. Mix to combine well and let pepper toast slightly. If butter and oil mixture begins to brown remove from heat until pasta is done.

  3. Once the pasta is done cooking, make sure the butter and oil mixture is back on medium heat. Remove the pasta from the pot with tongs and add directly to the butter and oil mixture.

  4. While stirring the pasta, add in the cheese a generous pinch at a time. Once all the cheese is added finish the dish with pasta water to help emulsify the sauce.

  5. Transfer pasta to a plate and serve with a few more cracks of freshly ground pepper and a pinch of pecorino cheese.

Recipe Note:

If you are unable to find Pecorino Romano, you can use Parmesan as an easy replacement.


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