Bacon, Garlic and Kraut Reuben Dip

Bacon, Garlic and Kraut Reuben Dip


½ jar Terrapin Ridge Garlic Kraut Mustard
½ c. Terrapin Ridge Bacon Tomato Ranch Dressing
½ lb. deli corned beef, diced
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 c. shredded Swiss Cheese
Terrapin Ridge Pita Chips
If you really love sauerkraut, add ¼ - ½ c. additional sauerkraut, drained


1. Mix all ingredients together.
2. Pour into a slow cooker and cook 2 hours on low or until cheese is melted.
3. Pour into your special serving dish, grab a bag of our Pita Chips and enjoy!
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