Apple Maple Bacon Jam Nachos

Apple Maple Bacon Jam Nachos



  1. In a sauté pan toast the walnut pieces until slightly brown using medium heat. This happens quickly and can burn easily so stay with it, tossing the nuts in the pan.  About one minute. Set nuts aside. 

  2. Cut apples in half, remove core, then slice into 1/8th inch slices. 

  3. Place into a shallow bowl and add lemon juice to keep the apples from turning brown. 

  4. Remove apples from lemon juice. Use a paper towel to remove excess moisture. 

  5. Arrange on a plate in a spiral pattern. 

  6. Drizzle Apple Maple Bacon Jam over apples. 

  7. Top with blue cheese and walnuts. Enjoy.



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