Infused Olive Oil


Fresh and Delicious Combinations on Infused Olive Oils

Our infused olive oils are the freshest available in the market. Blended with herbs and spices such as thyme, rosemary, garlic, tarragon, and more, you can use it on everything. Our infused olive oils in Loveland, CO take healthy food to another level, from drizzling on risotto to creating a dressing with a green salad.

Why Olive & Herb?

At Olive & Herb, we produce the finest collection of infused olive oils in Northern Colorado. We use the best quality ingredients in every infused olive oil bottle we sell. Our olive oil is a blend of delicious herbs infused in premium olive oil that brings any dish to life. Our flavored olive oil in Loveland, CO is so amazing that you will want to use it on everything, including seafood, salad dressing, pasta, and so much more. Truly a staple in your everyday cooking, our oils bring out the best in any dish.

Transform Your Cooking

We are proud to offer more than 20 different infused olive oils for our customers to enjoy. In addition, we are constantly getting new flavors sourced from both the northern and southern hemispheres. This ensures we provide the freshest, most delicious flavored olive oil to use in your cooking adventures. Want to transform your cooking? Get in touch with us today at (970) 775-2854, or come for a visit at our Loveland, CO location. Be sure to check on our calendar for upcoming events and classes.